About IIHS

International Islamic High SchoolIIHS is an intermoda boarding school, where education is offered in an integrated method. What is education with an integrated method? It is an education which has the following elements:

  • A well-structured schedule that allows efficient and effective teaching
  • Pleasant school atmosphere
  • An integrated education system

With Intermoda boarding school system, there are three hot russian women dating languages of instruction in teaching and learning which are English, Arabic, and Bahasa. Students can go home once a month in the last week of the month. Parents are allowed to visit every Sunday in accordance with the time allowed.

IIHS main difference with other schools

  1. Education based on the Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW;
  2. Intermoda boarding school located in the heart of Jakarta;
  3. Comprehensive education with 5 education pillars: language, academic excellence, Islamic study, interpersonal skills and overseas programs;
  4. Lessons given in English, Arabic and Bahasa.

For more information about Admission or Registration new student, please click SMA IIHS

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  • Palma One Building Lt 4
    Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav X-2 No.4
    Jakarta 12950